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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions Anything touching your tattoo should be clean

After procedure, get to a clean facility and wash your tattoo with the following steps:

Wash hands with liquid pump hand soap and warm water. Scrub vigorously as friction will get more bacteria off than anything else. Rinse hands with warm water.

Apply liquid pump soap to your hand, and gently wash your tattoo. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with clean white, unprinted paper towels.

Repeat process twice daily (morning and evening) until healed

The second day, begin applying aftercare product in very small amounts twice daily after early washing. (a little bit goes a long way, use sparingly)


Clear fluid, possibly blood may be expelled from site over the first hours after procedure

Your (damaged) epidermis (top layer of skin) will peel off within the first week or two, although minor scabbing can occur due to several factors such as location.

Itching is normal and can be relieved with soft patting (with a clean paper towel)

It is important to note that the healing skin over the tattoo will go through many changes and color can appear cloudy or dull until fully healed which can take up to 4 weeks.

If symptoms develop beyond what was explained as a normal healing response to your tattoo such as extreme redness drainage or rash – seek medical attention and then contact your tattoo artist.


Do not let others touch your tattoo or expose it to unclean conditions

Do not use scented soaps, lotions, or skin products other than artist recommendation

Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight (including tanning beds)

Do not submerge your tattoo in water for any extended time.

Do not re-bandage or wrap in plastic, or otherwise limit oxygen to the procedure area.

Do not pick, peel, scratch your healing tattoo, especially during the peeling phase.

Do not ask friends or seek advice from the internet. Each artist has their own way of recommending aftercare based on personal experience. You trusted your artist to do the procedure, trust them on how to take care of it. Ask your artist for more detailed info.

Always protect your tattoo from the sun throughout your life, as it will affect the color in your skin, applying sunblock generously, and often, is recommended, but the best protection is to avoid sun

Every artist does things differently and you should follow the instructions given to you by your artist only. You have trusted them with your art, trust them with how to take care of it! If there are any problems or questions, you should contact your artist directly and immediately.


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