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Kurt Jacobsen

Head Artist and Owner

Kurt Jacobsen is the creative heartbeat of Unbreakable Ink Company. Come see what Kurt can dream up for you. With years and years of experience, we know you’ll be satisfied (and likely amazed) at the work you’ll walk away with. Click the link to see his gallery and book a consultation.

Emma Vaughan

The Professional and Senior Artist

Emma Vaughan works with an attention to detail you’ve got to see to believe. From the simplest ink to the most complex and ambitious pieces, we promise you’ll walk away happy. Click the link to see her gallery and book a consultation.

Dany Rojas

Master of Detail

Dany is our black and gray specialist. His attention to detail and intricate compositions make him a powerhouse. Come see his skills in person with a tattoo appointment! Click the link to see his work and book a consultation.


Monica Morgan

Clean Line Specialist

Monica Morgan is our expert in clean lines and gorgeous text. She will always impress when it comes to taking a simple idea and turning it into a gorgeous work of art. Click the link to book a consultation and see her gallery


Abby Barnes

Color Enthusiast

Abby is amazing with her bold and beautiful color tattoos. Her work is definitely worth checking out. Click the link to see her work and book a consultation.


Want to Join our team?

Reach Out

We love having guest artists and are open to a permanent full time artist who would be the right fit for our team.

Tattoo Artist Request
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