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Things to know before Booking with Kurt

He offers

Half day sessions: 1400 (4 to 5 hours)

Full day sessions 2500 (8 to 10 hours)

*He can do Hourly for $350 an hour

Creative control is preferred

Consultation visit first to discuss details about your project, including timeline, budget, subject material, and placement.

*sessions are booked during consultation visits, wait times can be long.

Artwork is designed to fit the body, and will not be shown until the day of tattoo. 

(Changes can be made of course, but will take time out of the session, and paid time may need to be added in this case)

He understands that this doesn't work for every person or project, but if you are comfortable with all this he would love to take you on as a client!


Please Fill Out the Form if You'd Like to Book with Kurt

Please include all details that are important to you and include any images or examples to give Kurt as much info on what you're looking for as possible.

Style Preference (you can choose multiple or none if unsure)
Upload file

Thanks for your feedback!

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